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basic retargeting faq
Pixel ID
Follow the following step to find your Facebook pixel ID :

Step 1: Log in to your Facebook Ads Manager

facebook ads manager retargeting pixel

Step 2: Check the pixel ID on the left side of your facebook ads manager dashboard and copy that pixel ID.

Step 3: Add the copied pixel ID to the KlickLeads Dashboard and name it the way you want to remember it.
Follow the following step to find your Google Adwords pixel ID :

Step 1: Log in to your Google Adwords account

Step 2: Go to the Campaign tab > Shared Library > Audiences > Tag details

google adwords pixel id for custom audience

Step 3: Click Setup and View AdWords tag for websites. Copy the google_conversion ID

google pixed id

Step 4: Add the copied google conversion ID to the KlickLeads Dashboard and name it the way you want to remember it.
Follow the following step to find your LinkedIn pixel ID :

Step 1: Log in to your LinkedIn Ads Manager

Step 2: Go to Account Assets > Insight Tag. Copy the linkedin_data_partner_id

linkedin retargeting pixel

Starter Knowledge
KlickLeads is a URL shortener, which adds one or more retargeting pixels into each link that you shorten. By adding retargeting pixels into your shorten link you can retarget to audience who clicked on your link on Facebook, Twitter, Google, Bing, VK, Quora, Pinterest and LinkedIn Ads. There are many reasons why this can be helpful, the main reason is that you will be able to retarget audience, even though you are sharing external contents like blog, video, ecommerce store pages etc.
Retargeting is a way to follow your intended audience across the web and target them with relevant ads and messaging. You can track visitors and continue marketing to them in other places by placing a pixel code (a small piece of javascript code) on your website. If you want to go into more detailed explaination of retargeting, checkout this article from Moz.
When you will create a shorten URL using you'll be able to use the klcks.me domain. We also offer the option to choose use your own custom short links depending upon the subscription you have.

For custom short links, you need to purchase domain from sites like GoDaddy or NameCheap. As per studies, users are more likely to visit URL from brand they know or trust, so why not use the link itself as an opportunity to strengthen your brand name?.
No, you can start using KlickLeads with 14 day free trial period without putting any kind of card details. You will have limited access to the features in the trial period and as soon as trial period gets over you will be asked to upgrade to a subscription plan. You can start your Trial Now .
Retargeting ads and pixels
A retargeting pixel is a small piece of javascript code that can be placed on your website. This code allows you to track audience and continue marketing to them in different places. Each time a visitor visits your webiste, the pixel code puts a cookie to your visitors' browser.You can use this cookie to retarget people who visited your website later on, with better ads and messaging.
Yes you can add mutliple pixels to the same link. After added your different pixels in the add pixel tab, go back to your dashboard. Before shortening an URL, you can select the multiple retargeting pixels you want to add in your link.