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How it works

Serve ads to the audience that really matters.

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Shorten URL

Shorten your links with retargeting pixels from Facebook, Twitter, Bing, VK, Google Ads, Quora, Pinterest and LinkedIn ad platforms.

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Share & Promote

Share your links on social media, blogs and websites to generate clicks and grow your audience.

retarget audience on social media platforms

Retarget on different ad platforms

Get back to people who clicked on your links across several ad platforms (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Quora, Pinterest, Bing, VK & Google).

Smart Marketers uses KlickLeads

grow your custom audience with shorten URL

Grow Custom audience for ads

KlickLeads makes it easy to grow your custom audience for social media ads by embedding retargeting pixel IDs into the shorten URLs.You don't need to worry about adding pixel code to your page anymore - we`ve got you covered.

Improve Ads CTR

Ad targeting plays an important role in CTR and conversion performance.Improve your ads click through rate and conversions by retargeting audience who clicked on your link irrespective on the platform where link is shared.

improve your ads ctr and conversions

url shortener, link management and link analytics at single place

Link management & analytics

Manage all your links in one platform.Get statistics for an individual links and analytics based on different demographics. Trace back duplicate clicks and traffic generated by bots.